Mini Electric Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet 1000ml

Mini Electric Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet 1000ml
Product Code: HB-1907
Brand: Auzkin
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  • inate tiny objects in the air, creating a comfortable environment for you and your family.
  • Whisper Quiet:Use Ultra-Quiet Peltier Technology with no compressor makes dehumidifier lightweight and quiet, noise is less than 39dB, no annoying sound, not affect your work, sleep or study, suitable for use at night and in small spaces.
  • Energy-Saving and Convenient:One-button start-up design requires just a touch of a button to start dehumidification. With a power consumption of only 40W/hour, the dehumidifier uses only 0.96kW of electricity after runs continuously for 24 hours, which is more effective, more environmentally friendly, and more money-saving than traditional chemical absorbents.
  • Auto Shut Off:AUZKIN Small dehumidifier is programmed to automatically shut off once it has reached rated capacity, and the dehumidifier will flash a red light to remind you that the tank needs to be emptied. Note: Product optimal operating temperature is 41°F-122°F, low temperature will affect the normal use of the product.
  • Compact and Portable:This small dehumidifier is of mini size (5.7 x 5.7 x 8.9 inches) and lightweight (2.87lb). You can easily move the dehumidifier to the place wherever you want to. It is a perfect fit for small rooms, wardrobe, and locker. No more humid and moldy annoyance.


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Mini Electric Dehumidifier Ultra Quiet 1000ml

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