DOUHE Dehumidifier 2300ML with Humidity Display, Automatic Defrost Dehumidifier with Double Semiconductor Portable Electric Air Cleaner, Ultra Quiet

DOUHE Dehumidifier 2300ML
Product Code: HB-2259
Brand: DOUHE
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Product Description

  • DOUBLE SEMICONDUCTORS And 2300ML LARGE-CAPACITY WATER TANK: Compared to the same type of product on the market with only one semiconductor, our dehumidifiers has a total of TWO semiconductors. The dehumidification efficiency is twice as much as the same product. Under the environment of 30℃, 80%RH, it can remove 800ML of water per day. At the same time we increase the capacity of the water tank, you do not need to pour water frequently, to achieve 24 hours continuous dehumidification.
  • NEW HD DISPLAY: The new dehumidifier has a new HD display that shows the current ambient humidity in real time. You don't need to buy an additional hygrometer. On this display, it will also show the status of the dehumidifier setting, so you can know the current dehumidification mode at any time.
  • TIMING And AUTO DEHUMIDIFICATION MODE:Using the TIMING MODE, you can set the machine to work for as long as you want. In AUTO MODE, our dehumidifiers will pause when the ambient humidity drops below 50%. These two modes can run simultaneously. Compared with traditional compressor dehumidifier, our dehumidifier can effectively avoid excessive dehumidification and provide you with a comfortable environment.
  • SMART SLEEP MODE: You can turn on the sleep mode when you are sleeping or need a quiet environment to rest. When the sleep mode is activated, the fan decelerates and the operating power drops. At this time, the noise is lowest. (NOTE: When sleep mode is on, the dehumidifying effect is weaker than normal mode and takes longer to dehumidify.)
  • NEW AUTOMATIC DEFROST FUNCTION: the dehumidifier uses a semiconductor device for dehumidification. The semiconductor is a refrigeration device, and in colder temperatures, there is a risk of frosting, which can cause the machine to stop working. Our dehumidifier adds an automatic defrost function. Compared to other dehumidifiers, UGHRY dehumidifier defrosts automatically when frost occurs on semiconductors

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