LUMI Portable White Noise Sleep Therapy Machine 24 Sounds 3 Night Light Levels USB Rechargeable Baby Sleep Aid

LUMI Portable White Noise Machine
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Product Description

  • 24 SOOTHING SOUNDS - The LUMI white noise machine features a wide selection of high quality soothing sounds, including 7 white noise sounds, 7 different fan sounds and 10 natural sounds, helping to drown out unwanted background noise which may wake your baby! Choose from relaxing running water, rain sounds for sleeping, ocean waves, bustling birdsong, a crackling bonfire, chugging trains, lullabies or a heartbeat - a comforting and calming sound for any baby.
  • NIGHT LIGHT & BREATHING LIGHT - Featuring a soothing baby light with a dim and bright setting, the sound machine can be adjusted to suit nighttime feeding without causing wakefulness, as well as adding extra security and comfort for young children. The breathing light - a slow, soothing light that transitions from bright to dim- mimics the motion of breathing, providing a comforting rhythm to aid sleep and relaxation.
  • TIMER FUNCTION - For efficient, eco-friendly and safe use, the soothing sounds can either be played continuously or you can set up a 30, 60 or 90 minute timer. This means that the sound machine will switch off and stop playing sounds automatically after the desired time, once your little one is sound asleep.
  • PORTABLE - This sound machine is ultra-portable which means you can comfort your child at any time, anywhere! Whether it’s dogs barking in your home, noisy traffic on-the-go or loud noise out and about, your LUMI white noise machine can easily be clipped to a pushchair or car seat using the child-safe clip provided.
  • RECHARGEABLE BATTERY- The LUMI white noise machine with night light features a powerful portable battery with up to 20 hours play time. This means that you can take the machine out with you anywhere, knowing your battery will stay charged all day (and all night!). Your LUMI sound machine is the ultimate room noise blocker - drowning out traffic in the morning, noisy neighbours in the evening and dogs barking through the night, all without having to recharge!
  • MAKES A PERFECT BABY SHOWER GIFT - A newborn essential! The trusted tool of sleep-deprived new parents makes the perfect new baby gift! The White Noise Machine creates a comfortable, womb-like environment that calms infants, soothing them to sleep - and ensuring they stay that way! Whether it’s a baby girl or a baby boy, the device is sure to be hit with mum- and dad-to-be.


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LUMI Portable White Noise Machine PRO

Reduce Unwanted Outside Noise

The portable LUMI White Noise Machine, for adults and kids, is an all-natural sleep aid aimed at promoting a high-quality, uninterrupted sleep. The device, which is suitable for all ages, but most ideal for babies and young children, drowns out outside noise from traffic, building work, barking dogs, neighbours and snoring relatives.

Convenient, Portable and Lightweight!

Forget buying batteries - the LUMI device comes with a convenient USB cable for recharging anywhere. Super-lightweight and designed for on-the-go use, the White Noise Machine won’t take up precious room in your baby bag, and its flexible clip attaches to anything, including prams, car seats and carry cases.

  • 24 Soothing Sounds
  • 30, 60, 90 Minute Timer
  • 3 Light Options
  • Child Proof
  • Portable
  • USB Chargeable

white noise machine, white noise machine baby, portable white noise machine

white noise machine, white noise machine baby, portable white noise machine

white noise machine, white noise machine baby, portable white noise machine

white noise machine, white noise machine baby, portable white noise machine

24 Soothing Sounds

Any parent will know that getting your baby to sleep is hard, but getting them to stay asleep is almost impossible! With a gentle, two-level night light, a breathing light and 24 soothing sounds to choose from, the portable White Noise Machine creates the perfect sleeping ambience for your little one by blocking out environmental distractions.

Child Friendly

The completely child-friendly device features a child-lock clip designed with your child’s safety in mind. The clip ensures that the device is completely secure and cannot be removed from the stroller or car seat by your child. The White Noise Machine (baby-proof) also features an auto timer, allowing you to play the noise continuously or set on a 30, 60 or 90 minute timer for efficient, fuss-free use.

Soothing Night Light

A gentle and soothing night light provides just enough light to see without causing your child to wake up completely. Choose from two settings and adjust the brightness of the light to add security and comfort young children in bedrooms or in prams. Plus, there’s a relaxing breathing light too that eases you and your little ones into a soothing sleep.

Not Just For Babies

Although the device is ideal for sleeping babies and young children, it can be enjoyed by older children and adults too. From yoga and meditation to your office desk, the White Noise Machine helps to create a zen atmosphere, allowing you to reach full relaxation, achieve complete concentration or drown out tinnitus noise.

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