Smart Dynamic Cupping Therapy Set, Electric 3 in 1 Cupping Set for Cellulite Reduction with Infrared Heat Rechargeable New Cupping Device Cellulite Massager Gua Sha Massage Tool for Pain Relief

Smart Dynamic Cupping Therapy Set
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Product Description

  • 3-in-1 Multi-Functions: Unlike traditional scraping instruments, the Abnaok smart dynamic cupping therapy set combines cupping, fast and painless scraping, and massage therapy. Very effective for promoting full body massage and relaxation.You will enjoy the ultimate cupping experience like never before!
  • Adjustable Suction and Temperature: Abnaok cupping machine is suitable for back, abdomen, shoulders, legs and other body parts. Suction strength -60kpa~-0KPA. Can be quickly heated to the desired temperature of 100.4°F-122°F. You can make full use of 6 levels of temperature and 6 levels of suction to combine the cupping therapy you need.
  • Intelligent Operation Detection: After 20 minutes of continuous work, the AI protection system is triggered to automatically shut down to protect you. Different from the traditional cupping device, the Abnaok 3-in-1cupping therapy set does not need to light the jar, which is safer, and a single machine can do all the operations. You can easily do it all by yourself without anyone's help. It's a considerate product for home office and giving people.
  • Design & Quality: Small and portable design fits the curvature of the palm. Can be used anywhere such as bedroom, living room, Built-in rechargeable battery, free from cables! Let you enjoy professional spa massage anytime, anywhere, easy to carry , and suitable for family use and travel, this scraping massage tool can help you relieve fatigue anytime, anywhere.

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electric cupping massager

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Easy-clean Cupping Set

Just wipe gently with a clean and wet wipe or you can use a 75% medical alcohol to disinfect it when turned off.

Health first choice

This is a reliable cupping therapy set to maintain health and vitality. Give health as a gift for parents, lovers, and friends.

Long-lasting battery life

1800mAh Large capacity battery, Cupping therapy massage lasts about 2~2.5H, Fully charged in about 2.5H.

Deep tissue massage cups

Cupping device with infrared heating function, which can perform deep massage, promote blood circulation, deeply nourish the skin, accelerate cell renewal, strengthen white blood cell functions and improve the body’s immunity.

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Professional Smart Cupping Set

The new electric cupping device is different from the traditional cupping technology, our products are developed according to the traditional cupping technology combined with modern medicine, biology and scientific technology. It can bring you a whole new experience, and our product is more effective than traditional technology. And comes with a variety of powerful features. can be easily learned and incorporated into your family health practices, It's also an ideal professional cupping device for massage therapists.

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