Remington I-Light Compact Control Advanced IPL Permanent Hair Removal Device IPL3500AU

Remington IPL Hair Removal System
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Product description

  • UNIQUE TRIGGERLESS TECHNOLOGY: Experience rapid hair removal with our Advanced Triggerless Technology providing up to 3X faster flashes during full-body treatments.
  • LONG-LASTING USE: Designed for sustainability, our IPL system is rated for approximately 350,000 flashes, promising 15+ years of full-body treatments with no replacement cartridges or recharging needed.
  • FULL-BODY TREATMENT: Achieve a hair-free body in just 20 minutes, treating legs, bikini line, under arms, and face. The i-LIGHT Compact Control IPL device is suitable for both males and females offering permanent hair reduction.
  • SKIN TONE SENSING TECHNOLOGY: Integrated Skin Tone Sensor reads your skin tone 100x per second and automatically adjusts the power level to match your unique skin tone, ensuring safe use for skin tones I-V.
  • WORLDWIDE VOLTAGE: With worldwide voltage capability, take your i-LIGHT Compact Control on your travels and never miss a treatment no matter where you are.

The Remington I-Light Compact Control IPL3500 is equipped with a range of features to ensure safe and effective hair removal. It includes a built-in skin tone sensor to automatically adjust the energy level, making it suitable for a variety of skin tones.

The device also features a skin contact sensor, ensuring proper application and maximum safety.Rest assured with the peace of mind provided by the manufacturer's warranty included with this IPL device.

Enjoy the convenience, effectiveness, and long-lasting results of the Remington I-Light Compact Control IPL3500 and embrace a smooth and hair-free future.

Key features:

• Advanced IPL hair removal system
• Permanent hair reduction with IPL technology
• Suitable for face and body
• Painless and easy-to-use
• Handheld and portable IPL device
• Convenient at-home treatments
• Intense Pulsed Light for effective hair removal
• Laser hair removal at home
• Skin tone sensor for personalized treatments
• Skin contact sensor for safety

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Adapts to You

Adapts to You

The Remington i-Light Compact Control IPL Hair Removal System has Advanced Triggerless Technology to bring up to 3x faster flashes** during full-body treatments and thoroughly reduce hair in less than 20 minutes.

**Compared to the IPL6000FAU

350,000 Flashes

Rated for approximately 350,000 flashes, the Remington IPL hair removal system offers 15+ years of full body treatments^. With no replacement cartridges and recharging needed, it’s a fitting choice for long and continuous treatments.

^Varies based on usage patterns

Full body treatment

20 minutes is all you need to treat legs, bikini line, under arms & face. The Advanced Triggerless Technology ensures hair removal is fast & easy. The i-LIGHT Compact Control IPL device is suitable for both males and females for Permanent Hair Reduction for the Face & Body*

*Individual results vary. In clinical testing on the body, treatment sites showed up to 92% hair reduction after one month and on average 54%, three months after six treatments.

Skin Tone Sensor

Continuously reads your skin tone 100x per second and automatically adjusts the power level to suit your skin tone. The hair removal system is safe to use for skin tones I-V.


Worldwide voltage

Take your i-LIGHT Compact Control with your wherever you travel and never miss a treatment

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