CAMMHD 1296P Body Cam, Body Worn Camera, Waterproof Police Camera with 2 Inch Display,170° Wide Angle,HD Night Vision Professional Portable Chest Recorder(Built-in 64GB)

CAMMHD 1296P Body Camera
Product Code: HB-3250
Brand: CAMM HD
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Product Description

  • One-button operation, and supports recording while charging.
  • The body cam has a built-in 3000mAh battery, which has a long battery life and can work continuously for 6-8 hours.
  • The body camera is made of high-grade protective materials and supports outdoor recording and framing.
  • The body-worn camera is lightweight and convenient, it can be worn on a suitable shoulder strap or clothes, or it can be operated with one hand to shoot.

V4 1

It is a camera that can be operated in various ways according to your ideas!

• Small and light, weighing 115g, can be placed in a pocket without pressure

• HD video can support 1296P video resolution

• Supports pre-recording and delayed recording

• Local playback: the device can directly play the video, audio, and image files recorded on the spot

• Loop recording support, which needs to be enabled in advance when there is enough memory

• Motion detection function, automatically detects and films moving objects appearing on the screen

• Laser positioning, precise positioning

• 8 built-in infrared lights, displaying black and white images at night

V4 2

Loop recording

When the body camera does not have enough memory to record a new video, the camera will automatically overwrite the oldest video to record new content.

Police body camera

Users can carry them through the shoulder strap or hang them in the chest pocket with a clip to free their hands without affecting work.

Suitable for all occasions

It is suitable for conference recording, airport traffic security, engineering construction, quality inspection and other occasions.

Parameter Information

  • Waterproof rating: IP67
  • Data interface type: Micro-USB
  • Memory support: 512G support
  • Video format: MP4
  • Recording format: AVI
  • Picture format: JPG
  • Number of infrared lights: 8


Mini:Compact and portable in one hand

This is definitely a supermini camcorder for you. The weight is only 115g (there is a clip in the accessory), so it is also a very lightweight wearable camera.

V4 3

V4 4

V4 5

Large capacity battery

The 2800mAh lithium-ion battery is safe and durable and meets battery safety standards.

Low power consumption and long battery life.

Portable clip

The body camera is equipped with two 360° rotating clips. It is easy to carry and can do more things with both hands.

Support 512G memory

The maximum support is 512G, and the large memory can store more videos and photos you want to save.

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V4 7

V4 8

Support local playback

The body camera supports local playback. Body Camera automatically splits files into audio recordings, photos, and videos. Long press the left OK button to open the playback interface. Then press the OK button to play.

High-quality pixels and resolution

2100W pixels, 170° wide angle range, so as not to miss every corner, better shooting effect.

The 1296P has a clear picture quality, which can be adjusted, with rich colors and a fuller image.

Infrared night vision

8 infrared sensors, the video is as clear in the daytime as it is at night, and the video effect is equally clear.

In infrared night vision mode, things can be seen clearly within 10 meters, and outlines can be seen within 15 meters.

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