HDMI Matrix 4x4 4K 60Hz 1080p Switch Splitter 4 Input 4 Output Converter RS232 EDID Switch (2.0 HDMI 4X4 Matrix)

HDMI Matrix 4x4 4K 60Hz 1080p Switch Splitter 4 Input 4 Output Converter RS232 EDID Switch (2.0 HDMI 4X4 Matrix)
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Product Description

  • 1. {Convenient and efficient}: Plug and play, convenient and fast.This 4X4 HDMI matrix can switch between 4 input source devices and distribute the signals on 4 displays (4 displays can show the same picture or different pictures).
  • 2. {High resolution}:Supports HDMI 2.0 and HDCP 2.2. With a resolution of up to 4K @ 60Hz (RGB / YUV 4: 4: 4) you can enjoy a fantastic visual feast.
  • 3. {Multiple switching methods}:Control the Matrix Switcher with an RS232 or IR remote control to suit your various usage scenarios.
  • 4. {Widely compatible}:It is compatible with most HDMI sources and receivers through intelligent EDID management.
  • 5. {Widely used}:This 4X4 HDMI matrix is ideal for entertainment centers, retail and websites, high-definition TV set-top boxes, DVDs, projector systems, data center control, information distribution, conference rooms, school and company training.


--  4x4 HDMI Matrix Switch 4K@60Hz with RS232 --

4K@60Hz HDMI matrix switcher can connect up to 4 HDMI input sources to 4 HDMI displays. With the IR remote control, which can be switched or split easily to 4 HDMI compatible monitors or projectors. All the four outputs can show the same or the different picture through different input devices, and the signal transmission without flash screen or any loss in quality.


-- Matrix Mode or Splitter Mode --

4X4 HDMI matrix switcher can support matrix mode and splitter mode, easily switch any input source you like to watch, reduce plugging and unplugging, more convenient.

This HDMI matrix switcher splitter 4 in 4 out selector box can support auto video scaling/ downscale function, can mixed 4k & 1080p display outputs at the same time, which means a 4K video source device can simultaneously display 4k video to 4K monitors and 1080p video to 1080p monitors. NOTE: Only supports mixed 4K@60Hz & 1080p@60Hz display outputs.

Here are some tips:

Please connect four input sources, then you will get four different pictures.

Please use the original factory power adaptor and turn the power off when the 4x4 matrix switch is not used for long time.


This 4k@60hz HDMI matrix 4x4 switcher splitter selector box with adjustable EDID management, and has 8 EDID modes, which can recognize the display device parameter and make it match the equipment, can get better compatibility. (After you had set the EDID, please restart your HDMI matrix switcher.)

How to use the RS-232 port?

Through RS 232 port you can update software and monitor the state of the input and output signals. And can switch signals. When connects the computer, the customer can easily switch the signals via the computer.

Package Contents

1 x 4K@60Hz HDMI Matrix Switcher, 1 x 12V Power Adapter, 1 x IR Remote Control, 1 x User Manual.




4K 60Hz HDR 3D

4x4 HDMI matrix switcher splitter box supports high resolution up to 4K@60Hz, including 480P/720P/1080P;

Support audio format such as DTS-HD, Doby-true HD, LPCM7.1, DTS, Doby-AC3, DSD etc.

Three Way Switch

Manual Switch: press the switch button to select the exact input device you want.

IR Remote Switch: switch the HDMI source directly without getting up.

RS232 Control: easily switch the signals via computer

More Convenient

This 4k HDMI matrix switcher 4 in 4 out is ideal for retail bars, offices, backyards, conference rooms, education, and training. What's more, it can support auto downscale function and can support mixed 4k & 1080p display outputs at the same time.

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