Huepar Green Beam 3D Laser Level 360 Degree Plus Plumb Point, Self-Leveling Alignment Laser Tool

Huepar Green Beam 3D Laser Level 360 Degree Plus Plumb Point, Self-Leveling Alignment Laser Tool
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  •  360° HORIZONTAL AND TWO VERTICAL LINES CROSS AT 90°- One 360° horizontal plus two vertical with plumb point enable users to cover the floor, wall, ceiling all around the room. Two vertical lines cross at 90° angles, you can use the intersection of the laser lines to project reference points and to divide surfaces at a right angle.
  • MULTIFUNCTIONAL COMBINATION LASER LEVEL- Huepar 622CG laser level projects plumb point onto the floor, which can save your time and effort while positioning and aligning. Switchable laser modes enable users to carry out marking, alignment and leveling tasks simultaneously.
  • SMART LEVELING- With Huepar’s Smart Pendulum System the alignment laser self levels and indicates out-of-level condition. Manual mode locks lines for use at any angle. Laser tool adopt the latest LD blue-green laser unit to offering maximum line laser visibility up to 85 feet in standard working conditions, with an accuracy of +/- 1/9 inch at 33 feet.
  • POWER-SAVING PULSE MODE & MAGNETIC BASE- Pulse mode will activate power saving function, which increase the battery life. It comes with a magnetic mount with tripod thread of 5/8-11-Inch and 1/4-20-Inch that has an industrial strength magnets for temporarily fastening in place or it can be fixed on tripod.
  • KITS INCLUDE - Huepar 622CG Self-Leveling Laser, Easy-to-Adjust magnetic base, Target plate card, Carry pouch, AA batteries, User Manual.

Product Description


Huepar has a team of professional engineers and designers. Constantly promote and provide products and services for high-end markets, pursuing technological innovation and quality commitment.

Huepar 622CG specificaciones:


  • Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), output power < />
  • Laser Wavelength: 505~520 nm
  • Leveling Accuracy: +/- 1/9 In. at 33 Ft; Plumb Dot Accuracy: +/- 1/9 In. at 33 Ft
  • Leveling/Compensation Range:3.5°
  • Working Distance: 85 feet (100 LUX)
  • Working Distance with Huepar Receiver: 165Ft
  • Operating Time: 4 hours with all laser beams on
  • Power Source: 4×?AA? (LR6), it is recommended to use a large capacity (rechargeable) battery.
  • IP Rating: IP54,waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, reliable and tough
  • Operation Temperature Range: 0?-+45?(32? - 113?); Storage Temperature Range: -20?-+60?(-4? - 140?)



Avoid direct exposure of the laser beam to the eyes.

The instrument is a laser class 2 laser product according to IEC/EN60825-1/2014.


Multiple line switching functions

  • This professional cross-line laser includes two vertical, horizontal and cross-line modes, which can project three lines independently or together. The Huepar 622CG has a manual mode that allows the user to lock the cross-line, to use the tool at any angle.
  • Each time the power button is pressed once, the laser tool projects horizontal lines, vertical lines, or cross lines in sequence. And it has both up and down points applications.
  • Multi-line laser level with bright 360° horizontal and two vertical beams basically meet all applications for interior decoration.


Self-leveling mode & Manual mode

Huepar is the brand of Levelsure Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd which is a company with teams of professional engineers and designers. It keeps promoting and delivering products and service for the high-end markets, pursuing technical innovation and quality commitment.

Self-leveling mode & Manual mode

Self-leveling mode:

When the laser tool is switched to the unlocked position, self-leveling mode is enabled. The laser beam will blink continuously at 2Hz when the tool is beyond self-leveling range (±3.5°).

Manual mode:

When the pendulum lock is in locked position, you can place the laser tool at various angles to project non-level straight lines. The laser beam will blink every 3-5 seconds to remind you that it's not self-leveling now.


Pulse Mode

Wide use

Modes Of Operations


Pulse Mode


  • Turn ON pulse mode: After power on, long press the power button will turn on the Pulse Mode. The laser beam is dimmer in pulse mode.
  • When the pulse mode turned on, the laser tool can be used with receiver to work in brighter condition or a larger working distance up to 180ft.
  • When use with a receiver, it’s necessary to turn on the pulse mode.
  • It is compatible with Huepar Line Laser Receiver LR-6RG only.


Wide use

  • Huepar's laser tools can help you work effectively in Home Decoration: such as line up some planters in anticipation of a new decking projects, home refurb projects, hang pictures, mirrors, curtain rails etc.
  • And it can also work for Wall Decoration, Door Construction, Roof Construction, etc.


Modes of Operations


  • Please follow the icon on the battery cover to install the battery properly.
  • Two ways of turn on the laser tool.
  • Method 1: when the pendulum is in the locked position, press the button and keep it pressed for ≥ 2 seconds to turn on the laser tool. Activate the horizontal line and manual mode by default.
  • Method 2: slide the pendulum to the unlock position, activate the horizontal line and the self-leveling mode by default.

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