Cat Heat Pad Warmer, Electric Pet Dog Puppy Heater Bed Mat

Cat Heat Pad Warmer, Electric Pet Dog Puppy Heater Bed Mat
  • PAMPERED PETS: Huddled up in a ball and suffer winter's chill
  • FLEXIBLE USAGE: Pad can be used at home
Product Code: HB-0605
Brand: aokur
Warranty: 7 Days Checking Warranty, Void if Burnt or Damaged
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  • NO WORRIES: UL certificated adapter, by transferring and controlling circuit, supplies 12V low safe DC voltage. No electric shock or fire accident hazard in all cases; Safe operation is ensured due to low voltage output, chew resistant power cord, reinforced connector port and power surge protection
  • CONSTANT TEMPERATURE: Temperature control setting; 25 -55°C adjustable, keep pets warm without overheating him. Pad can reach the selected temperature within 20 minutes of your pet laying on the pad. No pets lay on it, no heat gathered
  • ADDED BONUS&RELIABLE MATERIAL: Two free zip up covers, super-soft fleece fabric, removable and washable; Soft plastic wrapped power cord, no dental trauma if you dog chews it; Inside the pad are heater strips made of high quality silicon rubber, and both sides of the rubber are covered with anti-flamming cotton fabrics, keeps pet safe and gives comfortable sensation
  • PAMPERED PETS: Huddled up in a ball and suffer winter's chill? History! This is dog's saving grace. Keep pets warm and secure on cold nights. No more take over your bed as they definitely spend most time on this pad taking a snooze
  • FLEXIBLE USAGE: Pad can be used at home, garage, porch, kennel or dog crate. Ideal for older pets with aches and pains, newborn puppies or even if you just want a nice cozy bed for your furry friends!

    Product Description

    As we all know, the body temperature of pets is higher than human. Then they are more sensitive to chilly air and feel colder than us.

    This pad is a game-changer. With 25 -55°C adjustable temperature controller, your furry friends can always be warm and cosy in this freezing winter and sleep as snug as a bug in a rug.No more sleeping on your bed or even pee on it because they have their own “special bed"!


    • IC control box with LED indication
    • Temperature display and 7 temperature levels to adjust(25-55 Celsius)
    • 55 degree thermal protector
    • Single circuit provides consistent heat
    • Soft PVC envelope enclosure
    • Chew resistant cord casing
    • Flexible and fits most pet beds


    Tips and note:

    • 36-43 degree is pet's favorite temperature in winter. 40 degree is recommended.
    • Use it indoors to avoid heat dissipation
    • Pad begins to warm up Only when pet lay on it for about 10 minutes! If no pets lay on it, pad can not gather heat then it won't be warm enough.
    • It is better to put this pad on pet's bed or blanket to achieve better results
    Package include:
    1 x Pet heating pad
    1x 12V adaptor
    2x fleece covers
    1x Instructions



    • Plug the DC adaptor into a safety-tested electrical outlet, then connect the pet heating pad to 12VDC adaptor
    • Ensure the DC adaptor and the temperature control cord is positioned to the back of the pad.
    • Press "power key" to activate the pad. Press"UP key" to raise temp by 5 degrees everytime while "Down key" is opposite.


    ?Two removable and washable fleece covers
    It is really good quality cover, made from lovely soft material, chew resistant and durable. Two covers are excellent as you can alternate them when one is in the wash.

    aokur proudly designs and manufactures pet products that are safe, functional and stylish. Our new products are thoroughly tested and refined and always backed by our Quality Department.

     1 x Pet heating pad        1x 12V adaptor        2x fleece covers        1x Instructions

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