5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder

5.5L Automatic Pet Feeder
  • 5.5L Large Capacity
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Voice Record
  • Easy to Clean/Handle
Product Code: HB-0953
Brand: isYoung
Warranty: 7 Days Checking Warranty, Void if Burnt or Damaged
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  • 5.5L Large Capacity
  • Clear LCD Display
  • Voice Record
  • Easy to Clean/Handle
  • Feed on time when you are away

    Product Description


    isYoung Pet Feeder


    isYoung automatic pet feeder - This ideal feeder will take care of your pets in healthy daily diets with programmable feeding time and amount, and keep your pets healthy, away from diseases like obesity and diabetic.


    • Designed only for dogs and cats
    • Do not allow children to play or around the feeder
    • Before leaving for extended time, always replace batteries
    • Not recommended for puppies or kitties less than 7 months old
    • Apply to indoor use only
    • Feeder should be placed on a level surface
    • Do not place anything on the top of feeder
    • Do not allow pets to lie on top of feeder
    • Check the level of food frequently, make sure the feeder is dispensing properly
    • Always turn unit off before cleaning, adding food, removing lid or hopper


    Simple to Program

    Simply, programmable electronic portion control

    Dispenses 1-12 portions at 3 selected meal time per day

    Hopper holds 5 litres volume of dry food

    Handles full range of dry food sizes, shapes & types

    10 seconds voice recordable, plays 3 times at the programmed meal time

    Simple to Use

    With 5.5L capacity, it is programmable to feed 3 times per day at selective 1~12 portions. 10s personal message is recordable to remind pets of meal time.

    Always turn the unit off before cleaning, clean with soft cloth, maybe moistened with the mild, warm soapy water, but should not be wet or with dripping water Bowl and hopper can be removed for cleaning

    Base units should not be submerged in water at anytime

    It will damage electronic circuits. Do not place any parts in automatic dishwasher, Make sure the units dry completely before adding new foods into hopper

    No longer worry about your pet feeding problem




    12H and 24H Time Display

    The feeder can show either 12H or 24H time display. During normal time mode, press the [UP] button to change from 12H to 24H time display, or from 24H to 12H time display.

    Note: Recommended service life of one set of batteries is 6 monthsDC power converter is not available

    Note: Dry dog or cat food only. Do not use canned food, moist dog or cat food

    Voice Recording & Record Play

    1.Press and hold the [REC] button till hear a beep sound;

    2.Speak closely to the hole of microphone (at the left side of the setting panel); You may record your voice for total duration 10 seconds till you hear beep-beep-beep sound;

    3.At each feeding time, your message will play back 3 times;

    4.Press [PLAY] button to check your recorded voice.


    1.Carefully turn the pet feeder upside down. Remove battery cover by depressing the tab away

    2.Keep the ON switch set to OFF

    3.Insert three new D size alkaline batteries into the battery tray, be sure to match the positive (+) and negative (-) marks

    4.Replace the battery cover back and make sure to snap in place. Rotate the feeder right-side up and switch ON

  • 1 x  Automatic Pet Feeder
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