Dental Electric Water Flosser Cordless Oral Irrigator Portable for Teeth

Dental Electric Water Flosser Cordless Oral Irrigator Portable for Teeth BC-2005
  • ?Specific Design brings Brighter Teeth?
  • ?Deep Cleaning brings Healthier Gums?
  • ?3 Flossing Modes with Memory Function?
  • ?Specialized Materials, No Worries?
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  • ?Specific Design brings Brighter Teeth? Powerful flosser adopts 360° rotating long nozzle and intelligent filtration system to automatically purify water and generates oxygen bubbles;
  • ?Deep Cleaning brings Healthier Gums? Superfine stream with 40-90 PSI & 1400 pulses per minute to clean deep between teeth and massage gums to ensure oral hygiene for anyone with braces, implants;
  • ?3 Flossing Modes with Memory Function? IPX7 waterproof and Soft, Pulse, Normal flossing modes with memory faculty are available, fulfill dental care needs of different groups.
  • ?Specialized Materials, No Worries? Body made of BPA free material, no odor even after long running; Fully wrapped water tank to avoid vapor sneaking into pump that significantly extends lifespan.

    Product Description

    water flosser oral irrigator for teeth, clean deep between teeth, gum disease treatment

    BROADCARE Cordless Water Flosser for Better Oral Health

    With superfine water stream of 40-90 PSI and 1400 pulses per minute, which proven to be the most comfortable frequency but of excellent cleaning efficacy, this water flosser from BROADCARE could penetrate into spaces between teeth and below the gums to remove bacteria and tough food debris effectively - especially areas that traditional string flosser and toothbrushes could not reach.

    portable water flosser


    waterproof water flosser
    What's in The Box:


    • 1x Water Flosser
    • 2x Detachable Nozzle
    • 1x Adapter
    • 1x User Manual


    • ProductDimension: 2.88’’ x 2.21’’ x 10.75’’
    • PackageDimension: 8.86’’ x 5.12’’ x 3.35’’

    Achieve a Cleaner and Healthier Oral Cavity, Start with BROADCARE Water Flosser!

    • Tank Volume: Its 150ml large water capacity can last for 50s of continuousflossing
    • Mode memoryfunction: auto memorize the former flossing mode, sparing you from frequent setting
    • Charging: 100~240V AC,5V DC 600mA, applies to any standard adapterin the world
    • Charging indication: stop flicking when full charged to remind you to unplug timely
    • Ceasing working while charging: to extend the lifespan of the battery and avoid electric shock
    • Noise Level:=<[email protected], allows="" you="" to="" floss="" without="" disturbing="" others="" />
    • Auto shutdown after 2 minutes: power-saving and help control the flossing time
    • IPX7 waterproof design to ensure your safety while using it with damp hands or directly rinsing it under tap
    massage your gum with water flosser

    Massage The Gums

    Release water stream with pulses at an average rate of 1,400 times per minute, which was found to be the most comfortable frequency, gently massage the gums to remove plaque, food, and bacteria without the “ouch!”

    water flosser that automatically purifies water


    water flosser that rejects oxygen bubbles into water jet


    water flosser that cleans deep between teeth




    hassle free water flosser

      1x Water Flosser     2x Detachable Nozzle     1x Adapter     1x User Manual
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