FYLINA Massage Gunn, Portable Muscle Gunn Massager Deep Tissue Massager with 6 Massage Heads 20 Speeds

FYLINA Massage Gunn, Portable Muscle Gunn Massager Deep Tissue Massager for Athletes Pain Relief Therapy and Relaxation, Percussion Massager Gunn with 6 Massage Heads 20 Speeds
Product Code: HB-2049
Brand: Fylina
Warranty: 7 days checking warranty
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Product Description

  • [Deep Tissue Percussion Massage Gun]: Relieves muscle soreness and Combing myofascial, it is helpful for joint movement and extension. Full-body Muscle Massage 6 heads could be your own masseur when you need a Deep tissue Massage. Perfect to use at the home, office, or even outdoor as it is lightweight and compact.
  • [Ligheweight and Quiet]: Only weighs 1 kilogram(2.2lbs) and lower than 50 dB, easy to grip the handle with ergonomic Handle and Skin-friendly coating, do not slip easily when muscle deep tissue is massaging.
  • [Speed Settings]: Got 20 speeds level all for your body parts need. Percussion massage guns have 1200-3500 rpm, massage your muscle deep tissue at anywhere anytime. No matter at gym sports relaxing, but also exercise at home, especially for the home office worker.
  • [LCD Screen Touch]: Touch Screen Display Design, it got the speed display and switch power control. Long-lasting battery life (2500mAh), once charging for 2.5h, could use it up to 6h worktime. Humanized design, make your life more efficiently.
  • [Package]: Massage Gun*1 ; Massage Head * 6; Charger Adapter *1 ; User Manual * 1; Travel Bag* 1.

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