Wireless & Wi-Fi Video Baby Monitor HD 720P 7 inch IPS Touch Screen

7 Inch IPS display; 2.4g HZ wireless technology; VOX & Motion alarming; Temperature monitor; Night vision; Two-way talk; Motorized Pan/Tilt/Zoom; 5 Lullabies
  • 7 Inch IPS display; 2.4g HZ wireless technology; VOX & Motion alarming
  • 5 Built-in Lullabies and Night Vision
  • Temperature monitor; Night vision
  • Two-way talk; Motorized Pan/Tilt/Zoom
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Product Description


BIGASUO is committed to the pursuit of a smart product of motherhood and baby proud brand, making this Baby Monitor a 24-hour personal protection expert for the baby. Parents will never miss every wonderful moment of the baby.


Motorized Pan/Tilt/Zoom

After the mobile phone or device is connected to the camera, pan/tilt/zoom freely, to lock the line of sight on the baby regardless of where the baby is and care for the baby in real time.

360-degree Monitoring

The baby monitor rotates 270°left and right and rotates up and down 120°. The bracket (package included) 360°adjustment monitor position.

Large Memory + 32G Extended Memory + Connect Computer

The parent product has 8G of the body comes with storage, can accept micro SD card extended memory to 32G. Save your baby's exciting moments and growth experience.

When the internal storage reaches the limit, the stored video and pictures will be deleted cyclically.

You can use a data cable(not included in package) to connect to a computer to upload videos or pictures so that you can play and save data on your computer and never lose it.



Wide Range of Applications

Our baby monitors are widely used as baby monitor, pet monitor, home security monitor, nanny monitor, night vision monitor with camera and WiFi remote baby monitor etc.

VOX & Motion Alarming

0-10 grade monitoring sensitivity to meet the needs of various situations. Each alarm is maintained for 7 seconds (even if you release the alarm within 7 seconds) and the baby monitor will re-enter the monitoring state after 30 seconds to avoid inconvenience caused by the continuous alarm sound.


2.4G HZ WiFi Remote Connect Control

The child unit can be easily and quickly linked to the parent unit or smartphone. Please refer to the instruction manual for specific steps.

When you are outdoors, you can connect the child unit in the home by wifi or 3G/4G mobile network to see your cute baby at any time. The parent unit and child unit can connect to the camera at the same time, enabling multiple people to view online at the same time.

Also, up to 4 BIGASUO child units can be connected to a parent unit or a mobile phone.


After the first login-in of the mobile app, you need to modify the camera connection password in the setup menu to ensure the security of the device.


Large HD IPS Display

A 7-inch large enough HD LCD screen makes your observations more clear and gives you a wider view. Your baby's every motion is under your concern.

Three vision modes

Preferred Speed: for most responsive viewing

Preferred Quality: for best quality picture

HD Mode: best response and quality





What if you need to away your baby to fetch something?

BIGASUO's two dialog mode functions can easily solve this problem. A microphone conversation allows your partner to retrieve something you need for you. The baby's babbling can convey her/his love to you, and you can also give the baby the kindest response.

NOTE: In order to ensure that the microphone can work normally, please keep the distance between the user and the microphone within two meters.

What if the baby is crying and cannot sleep?

The BIGASUO Baby Monitor has 5 built-in lullaby that gently soothes the baby's sleep.

Don't worry about your baby's sleep quality. Once your baby is emotionally unstable, you can play lullabies to appease your baby and help your baby get into sweet dreams.

How do you see the baby when it's not dark at night?

BIGASUO Baby Monitor has an automatic infrared night vision device. The baby monitor's light sensor will automatically turn on the infrared night vision function when it detects dim light, so you will hear a slight sound like “caca”.

The night vision function is very helpful for parents to check the baby's sleep status at night, and solves the problem of frequently turning on the lights to disturbing the baby's sleep.

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