Intey Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator with Music and 3 Colors Flashing Lights for Infants & Toddlers

Intey Electric Baby Nasal Aspirator with Music and 3 Colors Flashing Lights for Infants & Toddlers
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  • ? ?3 SUCTION STRENGTHS & LCD SCREEN?: 3 strengths of suction not only allow you effectively to absorb baby’s mucus, but can be well controlled, which can make your baby breathe more easily, while LCD screen can help you to know know well for using status.
  • ? ?FLASHING LIGHTS & ADJUSTABLE MUSIC ?: INTEY nose cleaner comes with 3 flashing colors light ( red, purple and blue ) and built-in baby favorite music, which not only help to distract baby’s attention, but convenient for nighttime use. Besides, 3 volume modes are provided for you to choose the best that suits your baby. 
  • ? ?SILENT & SAFETY DESIGN?: Unlike regular baby aspirator with traditional motor nasal suction, INTEY baby nasal aspirator use the high quality pump to ensure lower noise and 2 different suction nozzles suit for different baby periods without hurting the fragile sinus of your baby.
  • ? ?DETACHABLE & WASHABLE?: Detachable design makes it can dismantle the baby nose aspirator into several parts, which can be thoroughly cleaned to prevent bacteria or mold growth, keep your baby’s health. Not worry about mold and bacteria growing on the inside.
  • ? ?IMPORTANT TIPS?: Please pay attention that there is a small mouth on the bottom outside of the storage tank. Please make sure that this small mouth faces to the display screen when installation, which can maximally avoid the water entering into the tuyere and inhalation.

Product Description


In pediatrics, the principle of prevention has become increasingly important in recent years.As parents, we want our children have a good sleep and hope that they will stay healthy and happy all the time.It can be heartbreaking to hear your child sniffle and struggle to breathe when they have a cold.They don't know how to blow their nose like we do, so it's hard to help them.One solution is to use a nasal aspirator newborn; a device that basically sucks the mucus out of their nasal passage so they can breathe regularly again. Intey nose aspirator is your good choice.


1. Soothing music: This baby nasal aspirator usessoothing music that distracts the baby's attention and keeps the baby from fear.

2. Three Levels of Aspiration: There are three levels of aspiration, it is recommended to use the third speed, the strongest suction.

3. Attractive Night Light: Bright lights, move the baby's attention, do not worry about the baby not cooperating.







INTEY flying baby uses PC and ABS materials and uses a silicone nozzle, which is safe and non-toxic.

INTEY nasal aspiratornewbornis equipped with three types of colorful lights, which can effectively transfer the attention of the baby and make the baby more cooperative.Put the music before use, and use it after the baby adapts.

If the liquid is viscous and there is a backflow, it is recommended to clean the mouth with a cotton swab. The tip can be directly disassembled into pieces and cleaned more cleanly. The nozzle can be cleaned and disinfected with boiling water.


How to install

1. Place the backflow prevention cap on the storage compartment and screw the storage compartment into the base of the nasal suction chamber.

2. Screw the body cover into the assembled storage compartment and connect it through the base of the suction chamber.

3. Putthe appropriate silicone nozzle as needed.

4. Install the battery and start using it.


Complete packagin

√ 1* Infant Nose Aspirator

√ 1* Gourd-Type Tip For Newborn Babies

√ 1* Funnel-Type Tip For Children Above 2 Years Old

√ 1* Nose Clip

√1*2xRubber cover

√1*2xrubber band

√ 1* Storage Box

√ 1* User Manual


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