Digital Smart Comfort Baby Weight Scale, Accurate for Infants, Toddlers, and Babies

Digital Smart Comfort Baby Weight Scale, Accurate for Infants, Toddlers, and Babies
  • For best accuracy, please place scale on a hard,flat surface
Product Code: HB-0415
Brand: Smart Weigh
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  • MADE FOR BABY: Large, smooth surface with a curved platform comfortably cradles your child
  • ACCURATE READINGS: Accurate readings in seconds. Can be displayed Kilograms (kg), and Pounds (lb).
  • EASY TO USE: For best accuracy, please place scale on a hard,flat surface. Avoid soft surface or carpet. Turn on the scale and place your baby on the scale tray. Weight will display and flash.If your Baby is moving around wait until weight is displayed and simply press the HOLD button that will lock in your babys weight.
  • FEATURES: Easy to use tare option allows you to put blankets on the scale for comfort. Auto off function

    Product Description

    Why Smart Weigh?

    Monitoring Your Childs Health
    This digital baby scale is the perfect health product for parents concerned about their baby’s development. Young children are constantly growing so it’s important to monitor healthy changes. Keep track of your baby’s weight to make sure your baby is getting the proper nutrition and is being fed the correct amount. This scale holds up to 44-pounds so you can use it as a baby and toddler weighing scale.

    Designed for Comfort
    The Smart Weigh Digital Baby Scale is beautifully designed to ensure the comfort of your baby. The smooth platform is curved to comfortably cradle your baby, while you check for healthy readings.

    Scale Operation
    Place the scale on a flat, level surface. Press the unit button to select the desired unit of measure. Gently place the baby on the curved platform. The display will stabilize and flash. The scale will then display your baby’s weigh on the backlit LCD screen. To power off the scale, press the ON/OFF button for a couple seconds, or the scale will automatically turn off when left idle for 20 seconds.

    Tare Function
    Press the ON/OFF button and wait until 0.00 is displayed on the electronic LCD screen. If desired, place a towel or blanket on the scale for your baby’s comfort. Press the ON/OFF/TARE button and the scale will return to 0.00. Place the baby on the scale and the scale will provide an accurate measurement of your baby’s weight.

    The Smart Weigh Baby Scale offers a list of features designed to ensure you get the best out of your experience:

    • Easy Storage: The slim design allows the scale to be easily stored in tight spaces.
    • Auto Off Function: Allows you to walk away without having to worry about wasted battery power.
    • Multiple Weighing Modes: Digital scale weighs in pounds, kilograms, and stone.
    • Backlit LCD Screen: Provides clear reading information.
    • Batteries Included
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