Philips Rice Cooker Avance Collection HD3175

Philips Rice Cooker Avance Collection HD3175
Product Code: HB-1405
Brand: Philips
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Product Description

Great tasting rice with every grain well cooked With Patented "iSpiral IH" heating technology
• IH Heating
• Original "Blaze Pot"
• Metallic Latte

Leading IH structure and micro-processor to form ultra-stron
Patented "Fragrance-retaining valve"
A specially designed fragrance-retaining valve structure
Define personal preferences using "My favorites" Intelligently stores up to three common cooking programs, so you can select your favorite cooking program straight from "My favorites".
Six-degree sloping lid design for comfortable use Six-degree sloping design, allowing you to use the cooker from the most comfortable position.

Copper coating enhances heat conductivity "Blaze pot" for better heat conduction
Enabling every grain well cooked Multi function for a variety choice Innovative design, 10 main menus Inner layers store full of heat and energy Copper coating enhances heat conductivity. Even the rice in the middle of pot is heated evenly.

RoHS-compliant, European-standard inner lid

Included :
Measuring cup
Non-stick innerpot
Steaming tray/basket
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