InLife Automatic Vacuum Sealer with 9 Vacuum Sealing bags

InLife Automatic Vacuum Sealer with 9 Vacuum Sealing bags
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Brand: InLife
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  • Multifunctional Sealing: auto full vacuum seal (6-15s), half vacuum seal (depend on your own), seal only (10-20s), and air suction. Choose modes cater for your need.
  • Easy Operation: Push down the lid lightly to shut it down. Choose VAC or Man sealing mode then press star/stop button to initiate vacuuming. Press the Cancel VAC button to make air out after vacuuming finished and then press the bottons on the both side to open the top lid. In addition, Start/stop button can further control the vacuum pressure.
  • Convenience: seal foods in seconds to save more time, buy foods in bulk while no worries about waste, 90W low consumption could save more energy and compact design could reduce storage space.
  • Fresh Preservation: InLife Vacuum Sealer keeps dry and moist foods fresh, prevents freezer burns on frozen fruits and vegetables, and keeping ingredients entirely free from nasty bugs and bacteria and locking nutrients in food to give your families a healthy and happy life.

Product Description




You can use InLife Automatic Vacuum to seal dry and moist foods, salads, soups, apple sauces, tomatoes, beans, documents, books, jewelry, and other valuables. Vacuum bags will increase the lifespan of your groceries and homemade dishes.

Imagine that meat in your home can be stayed fresh 6 times when takes vacuum seal than ordinary storage. Cheese will keep 16 times longer when vacuum seal than conventional storage. And sugar can also keep fresh for up to 4 times longer. What a nice surprise!
4 Working Modes:
- VAC Seal button for automatic full Vacuum Seal
- Man Seal button for auto seal only
- Half Vacuum Seal – This Mode allows you to control the volume of air you want to leave (press the VAC Seal button first and then press the Start/Stop button to control the degree of how much air you want to vacuum out. Press the Man Seal to finish the work by sealing the bag.)
- Air suction (use a tube to vacuum canning jars, box and canisters to preserve supplies longer.)
-40KPa/-60KPa Vacuum Degree: offers superior oxygen level reduction and seals faster than other models to block out mold, bacteria, and moisture from your foods and drinks and to preserve all their freshness in.
Easy to use, durable, reliable and dirt-proof.
- Product Dimensions: 14.3 x 5.9 x 2.9inches
- Weight: about 1.5lb
- Product material: ABS, etc.
- Voltage: 100-240V AC
- Frequency: 50/60Hz
- Power: 90W
- Vacuum Degree: -40KPa/-60KPa
- Vacuum Sealing Operating Time: 10-20s
- Non-vacuum Sealing Operating Time: 6-15s
- Preservation material: PA+PE
Package contents:
- 1 x Vacuum Sealer
- 1 x User Manual
-9 Vacuum Sealing bags
Warm Tip:
-The width of the sealing film or the preservation bag can’t exceed 12 inches, and it must be placed in the vacuum chamber.


Fresh Preservation

Saving time and money to live a healthy life. Buy in bulk with confidence and see all the savings by safely sealing and freezing meats, cheeses, vegetables, even soups and sauces (must be frozen before sealing). And utilize your INLIFE vacuum sealer to prepare meals for the week for yourself or your whole family.


Easy and Correct Operation

-Press the buttons (on both sides of the product) to open the top lid

-Make sure the open end of the bag is dry. Any moisture will affect the sealing process.
-Fill the bag and place the open end neatly into the vacuum chamber and make sure the bag does not cover the air suction hole since this will hinder the vacuuming.
-Wait 3 minutes before setting the machine back to work after running continuously for 10 times.

Wrong Operation

Do not place the open of the bag outside the vacuum chamber since this will affect the vacuuming.

Do not fill the bag completely up. Leave enough empty space at the open end of the bag in order for the bag to get proper vacuumed and sealed.

Check whether both ends of the top lid are entirely closed when in use. If one side is not closed, the vacuuming will be affected.

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