Philips LED Floodlight 100W BVP161 (Warm White)

Philips LED Floodlight 100W BVP161 (Warm White)
  • 100W Warm White 9000 Lumens
  • Pressure die-cast housing offers excellent corrosion-resistance
  • IP65 Waterproof
  • Energy Efficient System
Product Code: HB-1410
Brand: Philips
Warranty: 7 Days Checking Warranty
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Product Details

Diverse specifications, a variety of applications: multi-size, multi-power, meet different lighting installation requirements .


Humanized design, easy to install: easy to replace, free installation and multi-function installation.


Product Details

Durable, economical and energy-saving: Compared with traditional HID floodlights, it is more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, energy-saving up to 56%, long-term maintenance-free, reducing the cost of use.
Quality assurance, safe and reliable: High quality die-cast aluminum housing, higher waterproof and dustproof rating, stronger impact resistance.Applicable to a wider temperature change environment, obtaining a number of national certifications.


Installation Process


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