900ml Compact Semiconductor Dehumidifier with Touch-button - CH-970

900ml Compact Semiconductor Dehumidifier with Touch-button - CH-970
  • Super Dehumidification Capacity
  • Auto Shut-off Function
  • Whisper-Quiet
  • Humanized Design
Product Code: HB-1137
Brand: VicTop
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  • ?Super Dehumidification Capacity?With 900ml water tank, this dehumidifier absorbs water up to 14oz per day (77?80%RH), it is a wonderful appliance for easily eliminating excess moisture which causes mildew and mold in small spaces such as wardrobe, study, bathroom, kitchen, car, basement, storage room and so on.
  • ?Auto Shut-off Function?When the water tank filled, it will shut off automatically. You don't worry that it will spill. Activated carbon which is integrated into two air outlets can absorb odor and purify air. Keep away from annoying odor.
  • ?Whisper-Quiet?Built-in semiconductor technology, this air dryer works quietly. You won't be disturbed when you sleep or work. Just enjoy the dry and comfortable air. Say goodbye to damp.
  • ?Humanized Design? Made out of ABS material, it is corrosion-proof and wear-proof. With double air outlets, it looks like a cute rabbit, the fashionable design bring you a brand new experience. The water tank and the lid of air outlets are washable and can be detached.
  • ?Easy to Use?Touch-screen(2 touch panel buttons) controlling, multi-mode(light, normal, strong), easy to use.

    Product description



    This functional dehumidifier is a fabulous household appliance for easily drying out damp air. It can protect your home from mold and mildew caused by excess moisture and help you keep away from bacteria in the air that can make breathing difficult.

    Features of the item

    1.Ultra-mini--Portable Design make it easy to be removed from one place to another.


    2. 3 modes of working, for light, normal and strong dampness and for your normal bathroom the tank of 900ml get filled up in 2-3 days.


    3. The dehumidifier switches off automatically when water tank is filled and the water tank is very easy to empty.

    4. It is made of very good hard plastic and is wear and corrosion proof, and very easy to clean with water

    5.Super quiet--Many machine makes annoying noise when it runs, but this dehumidifier does not! It is really silent and you can enjoy sleeping and working without disturbing.


    Questions and Answers about the item:

    How to set up the product?
    Setting this product up is easy just plug in the power lead and press the on button. This will start up the machine and there are two lights on the front, one the power red and the mode in blue Press the mode button once for normal dehumification mode (light blue) press again for strong dehumidification mode (darker blue) and press again for standby (red).

    What is the wattage of this item?
    This unit uses 40 Watts same like a 40 Watts light Bulb per day.It is energy efficient.

    Does it useful for large room?
    As its mini portable design, so it will be better for small space or average room. It is perfect for your room, kitchen, cabinet, bedroom, closet and restroom etc.

    Package Included:

    1x Dehumidifier
    1x Power Adapter
    1x User Manual

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