Kealive Ice Cube Maker Machine with LED Display 2 Quarts Water Tank

Kealive Ice Cube Maker Machine with LED Display 2 Quarts Water Tank
  • Fast and Quiet Ice Cube Making
  • Practical Buzzer Alarm
  • Automatic Control
  • Visible Window Design
Product Code: HB-1288
Brand: kealive
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  • Fast and Quiet Ice Cube Making: Just press the power button. An enormously high level of efficiency that produces 9 ice cubes within 7-13 minutes. In addition,with insulated inside, so that the ice can keep fresh..
  • Practical Buzzer Alarm: An alarm sounds when the freezer compartment is full or the water is insufficient. In addition, it has a transparent window in the lid and so you can always keep track of the status of the ice cubes..
  • Automatic Control: Thanks to the energy-saving mode, the ice cube maker automatically switches off after the program has finished..
  • Visible Window Design: With the aid of the practical viewing window in the lid you always have an overview of the ice cubes produced without having to open the lid..
  • Easy to Use: With the high-quality LED display and the 3 indicator lights (full ice, add water, work) inform you about the operating status of the device

Product Description


Ideal for Your Kitchen

Kealive ice maker can produce about 9 ice cubes per cycle with an ease. Low noise, rapid cooling and good heat dissipation during your operation. A kind of quick, convenient and economical way to create ice. Kealive ice machine is your ideal choice at home.


1.This ice maker is insulated and by definition not a freezer. Please use a separate freezer for this purpose.

2.The ice production may be poor in the first 5 rounds because the refrigeration system is not yet stably running.

3.Please place the product on a stable, ventilated, clean countertop.

Product Specifications:

  • Material: ABS or Stainless Steel
  • Warming Material: PU
  • Colour: Silver
  • Ice cube maker

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Large Ice Basket

Kealive ice machine accommodates 2.2 litres water, convenient to produce 12kg ice cube in a day. Ice basket is capable of 0.8 kg ice at a time, meeting various needs in your drinks.

Good Cooler System

After making around 9 ice cubes per cycle, ice machine will produce little heat. Good cooler system is helpful to dissipate heat and extend using period, protective to your ice maker.

Large Visible Window

The large viewing window allows you to check the status of ice maker machine without opening the lid. The flip top lid is convenient to add water and remove ice. Equipped with wear-resistant design, the countertop ice maker can be used for a long time.

Easy to Use and Clean

With a soft-touch control panel, you can select S/L size as ice required and press work button after the plug is ready. Ice maker lights will remind you of whether to top up water. As to cleaning, what you need to do is preparing a soft cloth, warm water and mild detergent.







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