Byecold Far Infrared Panel Heater Energy Efficient 350W

Byecold Far Infrared Panel Heater Energy Efficient 350W
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Product Description

  • ENERGY EFFICIENT:The installation cost and energy consumption are up to 50% save compared to other heating systems. Nearly 100% of the heat will be transferred into the room with minimal loss.
  • HEALTHY:The far infrared ray helps to reduce air circulation and maintain a clean, silent, dust free environment, heating as sunlight, not drying, benefiting allergy sufferers. Eco-friendly heater with NO CO2 emissions and no noise.
  • USER-FRIENDLY : The infrared panel heater has no moving parts, easy to install and no extra maintenance costs. Perfect to use for anyone and anyplace.
  • SAFETY : No pipes, chimneys, potential gas, oil or water leaks. Byecold infrared heater has Overheat Protection (Auto-power Off when the surface temperature is too high). Our heating panels comply with all European safety standards (ROHS, CE , GS and TüV)

About infared heater:

The Byecold Infrared Panel Heater is one of the most slimline electric heaters available today. Providing an efficient, comfortable and healthy heating system for any domestic and commercial users. These panel heaters can reduce air circulation and help to maintain a clean, dust free environment. All the infrared heaters can be wall or ceiling mounted, the installment and the use are convenient. A wide range of heating panels available in a huge choice of colors, sizes and styles.

Why choose Byecold carbon crystal far infrared panel heater?

1. Compared to other heating solutions and it may reduce your monthly cost up to 60%.

2. Nearly 100% of the heat will be transferred into the room with minimal loss, no extra maintenance need.

3. There is nothing else except electricity that your panel needs,in order to keep working in full capacity.

4. It has very slim body which is very useful for space heating. you will be able to feel the warmth within the first 10minutes.

5. High efficient carbon crystal heating element to make the best performance heater.

6. Dual-insulation design dramatically decrease the energy loss from the back side of the panel.

7. These panels are rated for 100,000 hours of usage (to 30 years).


1. The power of this heater is 350W, suggested heating space is 4-6 ?.

2. Although the ingress protection ration is IP54, we DO NOT suggest you mount it in the splash area.

Technical Specifications:

Cable length: 2m with plug

Item Size: 605mm x 605mm x 22mm

Weight: 3.0kg

Capacity : 350W

Front surface: Powder coated Aluminium sheet

Radiation length:<3 />

Over heat protection: Yes

Packing List:

1 x Byecold Infrared Panel Heater

1 x Wall Mount Bracket and Kit

1 x Instruction Manual

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