YECO Smart Bluetooth Body Digital Fat Scale

YECO Smart Bluetooth Body Digital Fat Scale
  • Bluetooth Scales with LCD Display
  • Smart "New iWellness" APP
  • Compact and Stable Design
  • Health for Your Family
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Product Description

  • Bluetooth Scales with LCD Display: Automatically monitor up to 8 different data. Track your body composition which includes body weight, body fat, water, muscle mass, BMI, BMR, bone mass and percentage of visceral fat. By using a popular accompanying app, these data will be synced to your phone and track your progress over time.
  • Smart "New iWellness" APP: With the BIA Biological Resistance Technology, you can easily stand on the Body Fat Scale and you will perform the measurement immediately. There is no need for an additional touch to activate the scale. All data can be viewed via the product's own APP (Apple and Android) on any mobile phone / tablet. You can swipe left and right to look at previous readings.
  • Compact and Stable Design: Consists of impact-resistant, tempered glass and large LCD display. YECO Bluetooth Body Fat Scale uses 4 high-precision sensors, providing maximum service weight up to 180 kg / 396 lb.Indexation increments of 0.2 lb / 0.1 kg . (3 * 1.5V AAA batteries included.)
  • Health for Your Family: Unlimited users can view registered users and their personal weight history. Body composition analysis would show more accurate and detailed information about your body. Bring it to your parents, friends, partners or colleagues.
  • Get your body index at any time without going out, just check your weight and body fat at the critical value. When you reach an exercise goal, you can share the result with your social network like Facebook / Twitter / Email / SMS.
  • 1 * Scale 3 * Batteries 1 * Manual

Data of Bluetooth app body components - Weight / Fat / Liquids Management / Muscle Mass / BMI / BMR / Bone Mass / Visceral Fat
1. Weighing mode (single test weight mode):
Greater than or equal to 5 kg Automatic start, find zero, find zero after displaying 0.0Kg, on the scale, weighs. 3-5 S stable, then Shuo flashes three times after the lock, the lock value is the weight value. Keep the value displayed for approximately 30 seconds after stopping. Before not switching off, repeat the weighing.
2. Fat test mode:
(1) Users barefoot standing on the scales of the two-pronged pole.
(2) Open the phone APP, connected via the automatic Bluetooth scale.
(3) Once connected, the Bluetooth icon on the scale stops blinking.
(4) At the same time, the human body parameters set by the APP are provided and, after receiving the human body parameters, the end of the scale displays the corresponding group number.
(5) Weight lock, the flashing weight 3 times, running "0000", said the body composition is being tested, after performing "0000", the test of body composition amount loaded into the APP above .
(6) Before turning off, the screen displays the human body parameters for the 3S frequency and finally displays the weight and the P value until the scale is turned off.
3. Unit switch: The back scale of the unit conversion button, or APP phone and connected stair terminal to access to the parameter setting interface, enter Personal Information Choose Kg or lb.

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