Professional Pro-Satin Infrared Hair Straightener Flat Iron with Digital LCD Display

Professional Pro-Satin Infrared Hair Straightener Flat Iron with Digital LCD Display
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Brand: Xtava
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Product Description

Style From The Inside Out with an xtava Infrared Hair Straightener

We know that heat is the key to getting the style you want with your hair, but did you know that not all heat is built alike?

The type of heat you use to style your hair makes a big difference in how healthy it will be. Our Xtava Pro-Satin Infrared Ceramic Flat Iron for Hair uses infrared heating technology, which heats hair from the inside out.Infrared technology is a game-changer for styling your hair because it allows heat to penetrate directly into the inner part of the hair strand, not just the outside layer. Infrared heating to the middle of the hair strand provides a more effective heat for styling and decreases damage to the outside of your hair. Infrared technology also stimulates negative ions in your hair that draw oils from the hair shaft to the surface; this helps lock in moisture and lock in your look, even in humid weather. Better heat = better hair health. Guess that’s not much of a secret after all, is it?

Xtava Infrared Ceramic Flat Iron for Hair

Strong + Dependable To Get The Job Done

If you have very thick, curly, or coarse hair, you may be wondering if xtava’s Infrared Flat Iron for hair can handle the job of hair straightening your locks - and we have good news for you. Our hair straightening iron has two key characteristics that equip it for the job:high, consistent, and even heatthat can lock in your style andextra-wide, 2” floating plates that can handle a lot of volume.

Infrared heat technology is also versatile for styling natural hair, synthetic hair, and hair extensions because the temperature can be customized for very low and very high heats, depending on your hair’s needs.No matter what type of hair you’re bringing to the picture, this is a hair iron that performs.

Features That Work For You

Every woman who has ever worked a flat iron or curling tool has done “the dance”--you know the one where you have to duck under a cord, twist your arm to reach your hair, and hope you don’t accidentally yank the cord out of the wall? Yeah, that one.

Well say goodbye to the dance, because Xtava’s Infrared Flat Iron hair straightener has features that will make your life a little easier, like anextra-long 8 foot cordthat won’t trip you up,60-minute auto shut-offfor peace of mind (no more mid-meeting panicked thoughts!), andrapid heating technologyso you get out of the door quickly.

Solid vs. Floating Plates

Odds are, you probably just read right over the fact that this flat iron for hair comes with floating plates, but here’s the thing: floating plates are kind of a big deal.Our plates are not fixed, meaning that they have the ability toflex with your hair to get a better grip. What does that mean for you? The plates work with your hair in any position to help get it straight and smooth in less time.

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