Professional Automatic Hair Steam Curler Ceramic Curling Spiral Machine Tool with LED Digital Displa

Professional Automatic Hair Steam Curler Ceramic Curling Spiral Machine Tool with LED Digital Display
  • MENQANG automatic curling iron
  • Temperature and time setting
  • Auto rotating - Automatic rolling the hair in the curl chamber
  • Built-in timer, auto off and LCD buzzer indicator
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  • MENQANG automatic curling iron: The automatic instant curling iron uses ceramic material in the curling chamber; it not only heats in an instant, but also helps protect the hair. By using ceramic materials, these ceramic particles exhale negative ions when heated, and these negative ions neutralize static electricity, which will help to care for the hair and make it healthier.
  • Temperature and time setting - Temp set from 450?/410? /380? , time set from 12s, 10s, 8s to create looser waves, soft curls or more defined curls effects.
  • Auto rotating - Automatic rolling the hair in the curl chamber to create different curl hair styles as you want, put the hair with the 0.4 to 1 inch width into curlers Curling direction: L stands for left, R for right, A for automatic.
  • Built-in timer, auto off and LCD buzzer indicator to inform you when you should loosen the curler, automatically turn off if not used for 60 minutes, LCD adjusts temperature and rotates the power cord so you can enter directly when curling In front of the mirror.
  • Spray Hair Care: A unique spray function that absorbs moisture when curled. When the vapor enters the hair, it causes the keratin structure in the hair to harden, forming a permanent curled shape under the influence of physical and chemical action. Pour water into the hair to protect the hair from damage and make the hair shiny.

Product Description


Three timer settings:

8 seconds/4 beeps for loose, natural curls

10 seconds/ 5 beeps for soft bouncy curls

12 seconds/6 beeps for tight, defined curls

Three heat settings:

190C(380°F) for delicate, fine or colorful hair

210C(410°F) for normal textured hair

230C(450°F) for thick or wavy hair



8 seconds, for slightly curls

10 seconds, for soft curl

12 seconds, for strong curls


Replenishment does not hurt

Traditional physical heating curl products

use trouble, many choice chemical perm

have a great side effects on the scalp.

Because of this,spray curler created the

the new way of filling water nourishes

the hair


Choose 12s / 10s / 8s in time patterns

There are 3 timer settings with audio buzzing instructions. Different settings will produce different curling effects. The longer you leave your hair in the curling room, the clearer the curling effect will be, but it will also vary according to the type of hair.

8 seconds = 4 beeps - loose curls

10 seconds = 5 beeps - soft curly hair

12 seconds = 6 beeps - more defined curls.


MENGQANG Professional Automatic Steam Hair Curler Quick styling, quick curling, creating a hair salon

1. Keep your hair dry before use the product 2.We suggest preheating the curler about 30 seconds before you start curling your hair 3.Ensure the opening of the curl chamber is always facing towards your face 4.Do not release handle before curling finish, or the curls will into a straight hair. 5.Make sure the water in the hair curler is no more than 10ml or else it will spill over.


Rapid curls

3 different degrees of curling mode, rapid prototyping, let you go to work on a business trip to quickly make your hair salon

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