Mi-Home Gateway MIHO001 Home Automation

Mi-Home Gateway MIHO001 Home Automation
  • Take control of your heating
  • FREE iOS and Android App
  • Whole-of-House Smart Home solution
  • Fully programmable routines
Product Code: HB-0550
Brand: Energenie
Warranty: 7 Days Checking Warranty, Void if Burnt or Damaged
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  • Take control of your heating, lighting and electrical devices wherever you are
  • FREE iOS and Android App, plus browser interface
  • Whole-of-House Smart Home solution.Please ensure that your devices are in range of the gateway when you pair them
  • Fully programmable routines, geofencing and IFTTT compatibility
  • Set up in under one minute - simple to use

    From the manufacturer




    Mi Home Gateway

    CODE: MIHO001

    The Gateway provides the communications between all your MiHome devices and the internet. The Mi-Home system enables you to control your heating, lighting and appliances over the internet anywhere in the world. The Mi-Home Gate is the centre point of the Mi-Home system. It is powered by a 5volt micro-usb power supply and connects to your router via an ethernet cable. Both the ethernet cable and the power supply are included with the gateway. The Gateway enables you to control all the Mi-Home actuators via an iOS and Android App as well as via a web browser. The App can be downloaded by searching MiHome. Other features of the the system include Geofencing and IFTTT.



    Product description

    Style Name:Gateway  -  Colour Name:White

    A true whole-of house Smart Home system. Take control of heating, lighting and electrical devices from wherever you are through the user-friendly App or web portal.
    Pair the Mi-Home Gateway with your choice of electrical sockets, plug-in adapters, light switches and Smart Radiator valves. Start with as much or as little as you wish, the system is completely modular and can be built up over time to offer you the most flexibility.
    Set up takes less than one minute; simply download the App from iTunes or the Google Play store and follow the simple on-screen instructions. Once your gateway is active you can pair it with your devices to allow total dynamic control from wherever you are in the world.
    Optional energy monitors allow you to see real-time energy use for the whole of your house, but also right down to appliance level.
    Set timers and schedules for your heating, set security functions for your lights, and find out how much your tumble drier is costing you each time you use it.
    Add dynamic control with Geofencing - automatically turn on your driveway lights when you are 1/4 mile from home. Automatically switch off your heating when you leave your house. You can customise which devices to include in the Geofencing control, and how far away you are when you want them to activate.
    Connect your devices to IFTTT [If This Then That] for true connected home functionality. Why not schedule your kitchen light to flash every time you are mentioned in a Tweet? Or switch on your greenhouse heater when the local weather service predicts a frost? Even your kettle can be told to turn on automatically when you have an iCal or Outlook event in your diary. Your imagination is the only limit…..
    The Mi-Home Gateway requires a broadband internet connection to work. You will need to connect the Gateway to your router using the supplied Ethernet cable. Check that you have an empty Ethernet port on the back of your router before buying. On its own this Gateway provides no functionality. You will need to purchase additional Mi-Home products, such as Adapters, Wall Switches or Radiator Valves to control your home. You will need an Android or iOS device to get the most out of the Mi-Home system, though all functions can be accessed via any web browser. Geofencing functionality requires Mobile Data to be enabled on your device. This may incur additional costs for which you are responsible. Your network provider will be able to tell you more about Mobile Data costs. As with any device reliant on an internet connection, sending a command to the Mi-Home system is no guarantee that it will arrive. You should therefore take a common sense approach to switching electrical devices when away from the home. If you would not be happy to leave a device switched on unattended whilst away from the home then you should not use the Mi-Home system for this purpose. Therefore neither the manufacturer or reseller accepts any liability from damage, injury or loss caused by the use of the Mi-Home system.


    1 X Energenie - Mi-Home Gateway MIHO001 1 X USB Cable 1 x 3 Plug Socket 1 x User manual

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