FITUEYES Computer Monitor Riser Desktop Stand 23.6 inch Clear DT106006GC

FITUEYES Computer Monitor Riser Desktop Stand 23.6 inch Clear DT106006GC
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  • Stow laptop underneath monitor riser for space-saving storage
  • Open shelf can capacity your DVD / satelite box
  • 6mm Clear Tempered Glass; Weight capacity for shelf: 33lbs
  • increases monitor viewing height. Extra height for larger components.
  • the leg can be adjustable for height 0-12mm
summary of master plans
Open-type raised frame, with unique structure, not only allows the sitting and viewing, but also has a great storage effect, through
great use of your desktop space, improving efficiency. Clear tempered glass is stylish and durable with transparency, no matter what angle can clear the location of the items at the bottom, easy to find items, it's very popular. And this product is easily Installed in the absence of tools, it can be assembled in 10 minutes, allowing you to enjoy healthy, environmentally friendly, comfortable life, and create a natural and harmonious life.
storage is so easy. neat reception immediately makes your workplace spacious. commonly used stationery hand side, cell phone pencil, tape, notes paper pass to put there, do not have to use anywhere, more convenient to use. At the end of work, the keyboard will be hidden in the next, dust and dirt to save space (for the vast majority of the market style of the keyboard) take full advantage of the keyboard location.
when we face the imbalance in the desktop situation, usually we take the method is to pad in the table under a number of different sizes to keep the desktop balance, very troublesome. However, this desktop raised rack adjustment function, designed nickel-plated adjustable feet, adjustable height 0-12mm, until the adjustment to achieve a satisfactory horizontal viewing angle so far, convenient and beautiful.
large bearing capacity
, more stable, more bearing capacity, load up to 15kg, durable, reliable, more practical. not only for computer monitors, notebooks, televisions and so on can be used.
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